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Used as a waterer for chick and adult chicken, duck, quail, turkey, pigeon, plus check out our HANGING CHICKEN FEEDERS.

A chicken is approximately fifty percent water, and an egg is comprised of about two-thirds water. Clean water is crucial for healthier chickens, better quality eggs, higher egg production, and cleaner meat. The Chicken Kooler chicken waterer is BPA FREE. So if good health and eggs are important to you the Chicken Kooler is your answer. Plus "NO MORE MESS!" with "NO MORE DUMPING CONTAMINATED CHICKEN WATER!"

The Chicken Kooler chicken waterer is suitable for hydrating any backyard poultry. The CK1 Chicken Kooler can support up to 50 baby chicks and 6 or less adult birds. The CK2 chicken Kooler 3.5 gallon is designed for 6-20 birds in your flock. The CK3 Chicken Kooler is designed for hydrating 20-35 birds. We have also had folks use it as a DUCK Waterer, TURKEY Waterer, QUAIL Waterer, PIGEON Waterer, just about any Poultry Waterer.

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